We offer discounted services to our fellow Alaskan Military, Seniors, First Responders, Churches and Charities.

Larry Murray’s Services

Larry Murray’s Drain Cleaning offers a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Mainline Snaking
  • Snaking for Residential and Commercial Lines
  • Water Jetting Lines
  • Jetting Camera Diagnostics
  • Camera Locating for Tanks and Broken Lines
  • Steam Thawing for Plastic Waterlines
  • Steam Thawing for Sewer Lines
  • Clearing Drains
  • Light Plumbing Installation
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Three and Six Month Maintenance for Apt. Buildings & Restaurants to prevent build up

We can handle anything from kitchen sinks to main lines. If you have questions about the services we provide or are curious to know what else we can do for you, please give us a call.

When you’re all plugged up call…

(907) 376-4040

We’re open 24/7/365
Our service area includes:
  • Palmer / Wasilla
  • Eagle River
  • Cantwell
  • Eureka